Dutch Veterans Day

Veteraan Dag -or “Veterans Day” in English- on June 25th is an important calendar date for people all over Holland, as they pay respect to all their citizens who have served in the Dutch Military. SevenTwentyFilms was given the task of focusing on a target group of over 45,000 veterans under the age of 35, particularly as the term “veteran” is often associated with senior citizens. SevenTwentyFilms created two television commercials that portrayed the daily lives of these veterans in their present-day, local environment. The films have been used over the last two years on television, online and in train stations. The films were also screened during ‘Half Time’ when Holland was in the semi-final of the football world cup, as well as throughout the sporting event itself, thereby reaching a large and diverse audience.

Skill Set: Concept Director / DOP / Project Management 

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